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Numeral- a band

2007-09-02 11:50:12 by Sinistermuffin

Numeral is my cousins band, their pretty good, check them out here

And you can get some merchandise here.

I designed the logo, and you can see more of my stuff here.


Newgrounds City Demo

2007-08-13 19:02:11 by Sinistermuffin

Hey guys, its me, giving you an update on an Animation Ive been working on, since the alpha uploader isnt working, ill just make a post about it.

This is my biggest project so far, im experimenting with a bunch of new animating techniques, so, Im really looking forward to finish it, some stuff is still being revised, so if you spot any N.I. (needs Improvement spots tell me plz,thnx.

As I was saying, it uses new animation techniques ive learned by examining other artists work, lim also using a new art style thats strangely messy but detailed at the same time.

Ive also constructed a preview .swf on a new uploader to take denvish's place since is closed :(

Heres the Demo .swf

and heres an image.

Newgrounds City Demo

New Animation!!

2007-07-21 01:24:41 by Sinistermuffin

I am making a new animation called newgrounds city all about what newgrounds would look like if it were a real city, so far it looks pretty good from what ive got so far.

I have an image, of what the flash portal area would be like if it were a city

Feast YOUr EYES!!!

I would embed the image in this post, but the exporting is screwing up so heres a link

Leave a comment I NEED inspiration!

Big FPS game

2007-07-18 00:32:14 by Sinistermuffin

Thats right, a big first Person shooter game, free of course, I doubt ill finish it, but whatever...

Any who, the game is going to be an All-Gun Free for all, action packed shooter. The objective will be a lot like Stick Arena get the most kills possible within the time limit, which will probably be 5 mins. The gameplay itself is nothing to be proud of, it tends to be slow on my computer, but thats just me...
Of course there will be at least 7 weapons, and one arena
: stupid software...
And the game will only be compatible for Windows, because it uses DirectX 9.0. One character, but color selection might be an option.

So all in all, that means its pretty much going to be just like stick arena but in a 3D perspective the game might lag a lot, and I mean A LOT, and my site is finally going to get a gallery thanks to CP animation.

Its, so, shiny!!

2007-07-17 18:55:48 by Sinistermuffin

Its about time those Tankmen Finished :P

But it looks so shiny and modern, I love ti!!